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    Letters Based on Field Search



      Letters Based on Field Search


           I have a hosted database that is intended for our locations to print a letter for each of their employees based on the code in a specific field.  I have no trouble creating a script to print letters based on a single code but cannot seem to figure out how to create a script that will display/print all letters (based on a specific field where the codes tied to each letter are) for a location (based on the location search field).  

           Essentially, here is what (in my "layman's terms") I need to happen (have link to database below): Location enters location number in location search field on "Begin Here" layout.  Script would pull set of records for location and would then go to the "Main Page Reappt" layout and pull the letters (for display and printing) based on the code indicated in the "Proposed Status Code" field.  Note that the codes have a corresponding separate letter that is specific for an employee with that code, hence why it would be great to enable a location to perform a search to display/print all their employees' letters at once. https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=D1AAC6895966A7B9!149&authkey=!AC7fY74aXqdmajE

           Thank you sooo much in advance for any expertise you can offer!

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               Your DB needs a User and Passwordcrying


               Why not add a New Code to Print to All? or add a new field that Finds all and prints all?


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                 Thanks, the database does have a userId and password it its hosted form (under a different file name on our host) - changed the name, removed the userId/password and records for the ourpose of this inquiry.  Always good to have a reminder, though for security sake.

                 Can you clarify what you mean by a field or code to find all?  Depending on the code indicated in the field, a script has to be written to have FM go to the corresponding letter (each are on separate layouts) then go back to the records found by location number and move on to searching for the corresponding letters for the next code and so on.


                 Thanks again.

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                   I still can't open the download with out a USER  and Password... sorry.

                   Since i dont know what form the  CODE is in ...

                   I would make a separte field the allows Print All, so that you can simply loop through all the preselected Codes and print all of the lists.


                   You want to print All available letters for each then a New Code might say print all of the Avaiable Codes for THAT particular employee.

                   Can you give me an example of codes?


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                     Sorry - select to open the database as "Guest" and you should be able to get in.  The codes are just simple letters like "D" or "G".  When you look at the various layouts you will see letters associated with certain codes.

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                       Sorry again, Guest is NOT available either.  I would have tried it.

                       Lets talk Code ... All at Location #10

                       If Employee #1452  Can have AGQR type reports 

                       And Employee #1244 Can have ABFZ type reports 

                       You want to print all availble reports for all employees?

                       Or just Display the Employee# and Available reports?

                       you might use a Code such as  ∑  a special symbol to Indicate Print All  so the type Code would be ∑AGQR,  then you would just select ∑ to do the printing.