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    leyout menu



      leyout menu


           hi there

           u want to create asimular layout menu as FM have in the stutus bar but inside the solution disain it self.

           how can i do that or somthing like that?

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               i need to add an explantion: i dont mean the menu in the toolbar, i mean the menu to navegte between layouts.

               i want to create a rumtime show without the stutus bar. but i do want the user to use a simple navegetion between layouts as FM have in the stutus bar.

               i want to have one menu batom in my desain so the user will use.

               haw can i do that?

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                 Define a global text field. Format it as a drop down list with a value list of the layouts you want to be accessible to the user.

                 Use the OnObjectSave script trigger to perform one of the following types of scripts:

                 #Use this script if the layout names in your value list exactly match the actual layout names
                 Go to Layout [YourTable::YourGlobalLayoutField]

                 When you create this script, use the "layout name by calculation" option to refer to your global field you have formatted with a list of layout names.

                 #Use this scripts if the layout names in the drop down list don't exactly match the actual layout names
                 If [YourTable::YourGlobalLayoutField = "Edit" ]
                    Go to Layout ["Edit Data Layout" (Table1)]
                 Else If [YOurtable::YourGlobalLayoutField = "Report" ]
                    Go to Layout ["Report layout " (Table 1)]

                 #And so forth for each layout named in the value list

                 End IF