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    License activation



      License activation


      If you want to sell FM solutions in a way that customers pay via a website, get directed to a download link, are there any generic softwares or solutions that lock that user's solution to their hardware to that copying/sharing is not possible?


      I assume FC itself would be used to 'time-out' after say 1y license. But can the license be re-newed so that the license is re-activated?

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          #FileMaker #Security Protecting Your FileMaker Solution From Pirates

          There are many opinions and techniques for preventing piracy of our software as well as intruders and I have been working on one of my own. My concept would allow me to provide open access to my solution and eventually determine if the browser was legit and close the file. Account names and passwords are not sufficient for protecting the data as these can be harvested and are sometimes written on a post it note on the computer monitor.

          There are companies that offer methods of securing your solution but I am not discussing them and you can do your own search or inquiry about them.


          Today companies employ many tactics to slow down the pirates and the cracked copies posted on the Internet and lists of passwords and cracking software. Major companies such as FileMaker and Adobe employ third party software that does a root install and then a dial home to register and track installations of their software. I don’t know what they do if they discover an unauthorized install.


          Creating this protection takes time and ingenuity and various steps to overcome the ingenuity and determination of the pirate, hacker or thief. If they gain access via a legitimate account but FileMaker quits at various places after hundreds of logins, eventually they may give up.

          Couple these internal protections with emails containing their IP, computer name, NIC and so own and provide that to the proper agencies… Even a simple page that says your computer information is being forwarded to… may suffice.

          Maybe I’ll get back to work on my idea… Contact me if you are interested or have a better idea.


          This Post is informative.

          Unique Identifiers #Filemaker and #FilemakerGo

          Identifying the computer connected to your Filemaker database can be as important as an account name and password. Prior to Filemaker 12 using the NIC, IP address and so forth were the primary methods of identification. Now Filemaker has finally added the id number assigned to the computer.

          Get(PersistentID) acquires this number from the computer such as:

          GET(UUID) returns a unique 16-byte (128-bit) string. You can set the string via a script or a calculated field and have the calculation update with each record change or remain fixed. Such as:


          The Persistent ID can be verified against a table of acceptable persistent ids that can contain other information such as NICs and IPs and such to determine if the computer is acceptable.


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            Thank you both. I'll ponder these. I'm v. new to FM but since I will need these functions i am trying to plan and gather information rather than find myself with a good but unprotectable solution.


            Q: Is the 'time-limit' function secure? ie. Aside from the license activation process and someone altering their computer clock, would a time-limit be a secure 'fall-back' to disable a solution even if someone had managed to copy it.