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    License advice



      License advice


      Hi There,


      We have a filemaker database written in FMP 6.  Soon we are upgrading it to FileMakerPro 10.

      We will be keeping the old database online for some time, but are wondering if we will be able to run the two client versions of filemaker on each computer at once?

      The computers are all licensed for FMP 10, but will need to have FMP6 installed to access the old version.  Do we need two licenses per computer in this scenario?



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             I'd suggest opening the FMP6 database in FMP10, as it will convert the database to be compatible with v10. After conversion, there's no need to keep the old version 6 one around or the version 6 application. Therefore, you really only need version 10 of the database & application.
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            Thanks for the suggestion.  Unfortunatley this is not an option for us.  I'm not the dba so I cannot go into the details as to why.  I'm the licensing guy and need to find out if this conflicts with our license.  I can't find the license agreement for v10, but reading the agreement for v5 suggests that we can't have two copies running on a machine at one time.


            If this is still the case, how about having the two installed at once, but only running one at a time?


            Many thanks again.

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                 You have purchased a license for 6.  When you buy 10, you don't purchase an upgrade; it's a completely new license. You own 6 and you own 10(they even automatically install to different directories).  I have 5.5 and 10 on my machine and I can run them at the same time just fine. The only limitation is that Sharing only works with one version of Filemaker at a time.  If you want to share data from both 6 and 10 at the same time, you'll have to do it from different computers on your network.
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                I'm sorry I've not made this clear enough from the beginning.  Its true that some computers have license for FMP6 and we will purchase an additionall license for FMP10 for those computers.  But some computers only have FMP10 license.  These are the ones in question.