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LICENSE issues and Win 7 access

Question asked by Dekade on Jul 11, 2012
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LICENSE issues and Win 7 access


I am having trouble with FMPro10.3ADV. Windows 7; 'Homegroup' feature of Windows 7.

I just posted this a few minutes ago. However the very next paragraph is additional.

I have a single license copy of FMPRO10ADV. Reading the license I am able to install that on two computers. However, can both computers access the same database at the same time with a single license installation?

I have a database that I want to be accessible to two home computers; Both are Windows 7. I have placed the "Trial.fp7" database into the "Libraries/Documents/Public Documents" folder of Computer A.

I have gathered that if I go to Computer B and open FMPro10.3ADV that I should attempt to access "Trial.fp7" on Computer A via the "Open Remote File" under the FMPRO10ADV "File" menu.

Is what I have said (and proceeded with) so far correct?

Next is where I am stumped. On Computer B I am now in the Open Remote File dialog window. What do I type in and where do I type it in to get FULL access to Trial.fp7 located on Computer A?

There is not any Filemaker Server involved.