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License Key Change

Question asked by danwhi00 on Sep 14, 2009
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License Key Change


We have a 5 station office using Pro 8.5. I had 1 Mac go completely corrupt, unusual but they lost everything and had no backup.  I'm giving him a Mac that belongs to another user in the office, who had recently upgraded computers.  My problem is that even though I changed the computer over to the new user ID, deleted any FileMaker preferences I could find, the server still see's the old person ID.  It shows that license key is in use, so shuts it down.  I have gone into the Filemaker registration app and changed to the new user, but it obviously has an overide which won't let it be saved.


We have upgraded Filemaker for years, so we don't even have an old complete program we could load, then use the 8.5 upgrade on. I know I can buy 10.0 complete and upgrades for everyone else, just trying to see if I can use this setup a little longer.


So any ideas how to overide and enter this users serial number, over the old one?