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License Key Conflict

Question asked by heziki1 on Oct 15, 2009
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License Key Conflict


I am using Filemaker Pro Advanced 9 version 3. I'm on Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, Version 2003, Service Pack 2. I recently moved from an old machine to this new machine. I completely removed (but not deactivated) FileMaker from my old machine. I reinstalled on the new machine and used a new/different license key from our volume purchase (free FileMaker phone support tells me this license key has never been activated). When I first installed the software everything worked fine. By the end of the first day I had gotten the License Key Conflict error. I uninstalled FileMaker and reinstalled using the license key from my old machine. Again, everything worked fine at first but today I got the License Key Conflict error with that key as well. I called free phone support and they instructed me to examine the server (I'm actually having a conflict with the server) and make sure there are no installations on that machine which would conflict. I did that and there were no apparent issues. Phone support then asked that I uninstall/reinstall using the new license key from the volume purchase again (at that time they verified that it had never been used). Again I get the License Key Conflict error. This is where we stopped and they asked that I either try these forums or contact premium support.

Long story short, I have two license keys that are conflicting with the same machine, our FileMaker Server. One license key has never been used before. I can access the database fine via web publishing but I can not access it through FileMaker installed on my computer due to these conflicts. The server is also sharing the databases over the network. Nobody else in my company uses FileMaker Pro Advanced 9 other than myself. There are no other machines using these license keys.