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License key conflict

Question asked by toddg100 on Nov 10, 2009
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License key conflict


I have Filemaker Pro 10.0v1.  I have also tried upgrading to Filemaker Pro 10.0v3.  Problem occurs under either version.  This is running on a freshly installed Macintosh Mini (Intel version) running Mac OS X version 10.6.1 with all updates.  Filemaker application was a "fresh install" and was not ported over from an older mac.


I can open local files in Filemaker Pro 10.0v3 and use them no problem.  However, when I access our Filemaker Server 8.0v4 I get a message:


The maximum number of licensed users are currently using this copy of Filemaker Pro.  Please refer to the License key section of your software documentation for further instructions.  License Key conflict occurred with user "XXX Mac mini".  All files will be closed and the application will quit.


So, I have a conflict with myself.  This can be verified if I go into my Mac Mini's system preferences, "Sharing" control panel, and change my name to "XXX Mac mini 2" then try to launch and access a file on the Filemaker Server now it will indicate that License Key conflict is occurring with the newly named "Mac Mini 2".


So, again, I can launch Filemaker and access files on my hard drive all day long with no conflict.  But as soon as I try to access filemaker server files I get the conflict.


I have deleted application and reinstalled, same results.


Any hints?