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License key number

Question asked by BruceAinge on Apr 19, 2011


License key number


I recently bought a copy of version 10 Filemaker Pro on Ebay. What I got was just a disc in a sleave that had an activation key number (7x5 groups of alphanumeric code) which, on installation, was accepted. Then I was taken to the website and asked for a 10 digit license number, which was to be found in with the packaging, but I had no packaging and no other numbers. My question is, have I got a legal copy (it looks legit)? And, I guess, do I need the license number and if I haven't got one, how will it affect my use of the programme? Will I be able to upgrade to v11? I've been told the guy I bought it from has sold quite a few copies and this has never been an issue before. I don't know where I stand now or how important the missing number is. Anyone know?