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Licensing for Runtimes or FM Go

Question asked by tays01s on Feb 21, 2015
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Licensing for Runtimes or FM Go


I've barely started learning about security so forgive my naive Qs.

However, adapting from other suggestions I have a button/script on the entry layout:

If [ IsEmpty ( Front::PermanentID ) ]
Set Field [ Front::PermanentID; Get(PersistentID) ]

Else If [ Front::PermanentID Get(PersistentID) ]

Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "Purchase Copy"; Message: "This is a different computer from the one the software was purchased. Please purchase a copy from:"; Default Button: “OK”, Commit: “Yes”; Button 2: “Cancel”, Commit: “No” ]


Exit Application Else

Go to Layout [ “Front” (Front) ] End If

This appears to work in that if there is no PID or the PID is correct, I get taken to the Front layout from which users would navigate using buttons alone (no menus). If I make the PID incorrect, it exits FM (not yet tested the RT solution).


1. How do I ensure the Front_open layout is the only layout that can be opened on starting the solution but then remains invisible [use 'hide object when' in layout>data>behaviour FM13? I've got FM12 currently]?

2. Aside from removing the Admin account for the RT version (Kiosk mode), what else do I need to consider in terms of security, particularly for an FM Go version?

3. Is my PID script above enough to prevent piracy in the context that everything can be hacked, but this will be a $20-40 solution so there's a limit to the expense I'd gone in for to protect it.

4. I have a website, can upload FM files, have a PayPal button to arrange payment/ download. However, how do I prevent multiple downloads for a single payment (timing?).

5. Because some genuine users will change hardware I had considered having a second 'user ID' to offer them a heavily discounted copy. However, a. would this need to be handled by a website dialogue to input their user ID and permit access to a discounted copy and b. Is there any way you could prevent institutions/people effectively bulk buying and distributing copies cheaply?

Again, sorry that my Qs are rather basic!!