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Licensing: Rental vs 1-off sale

Question asked by tays01s on Mar 8, 2015
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Licensing: Rental vs 1-off sale


I realise that what one uses is v. dependent upon the product you are selling. However, I'd just be interested to read peoples experiences/ examples. Currently I've got 2 eBooks (pdf's) + associated QuickTime movies I'd like to incoporate into container fields. These won't be updated more than yearly. I also have a calculation software that may need updates every 4-6months.

People generally like to buy outright, then decide themselves when they would like to update. I suppose a big attraction to a 'time-limited' version is that a) It scupper anyone managing to copy an Activation-key and b) means you are earning money from continued use rather than giving support for no new sales.

As mentioned, I'd be interested in views.