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    Like Dictionary search



      Like Dictionary search


      I have one table for contact details which contains name,Tel phone numbeer,addres....  for searching the name while entering the name in the filed can i display other filelds automatically without click button?

      if yes , how? 


      i am very thankful for your help


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             Can you give an example of what you want to see happen? I can interpret your request several different ways.
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            when i enter the value  in field character by character can i display all matching results into the filed as well as related records needs to display in other field without clicking button.

               layout is like      Nmae      Mobile  Adress ....

            when i enter         Al            12        b

            should show         Ala          13         c

                                      Alab         14         d

                                      Alac         15         e    like this .After i enter full name (for eg:- Alab)  should show (Alab in) name filed   (14 in ) mobile &  d   (in address) filed .


            I think you got my point.


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              You might want to check out "Autocomplete" value lists. Depending on what you want to do with your list of values, it may work for you.


              There's another approach, but it takes a bit of work to set up and you need to know how to create a portal:

              I'm going to describe using two tables: Main and RelatedData. You can also do this with a single table and a self-join.


              In Main, Let's call the field where you enter your text "NameSearch".


              Create a text field, Name, in Related Data. Add any additional fields you need to show additional data for each related record.

              Define a calculation field, cNameKey in RelatedTable. This field functions as a multi-value key linking to the matching values you want to see listed:


              Left (Name, 1 ) & "¶" &

              Left (Name, 2 ) & "¶" &

              Left (Name, 3 ) & "¶" &

              Left (Name, 4 ) & "¶" &

              Left (Name, 5 ) & "¶" &

              //continue the pattern for as many letters as you want in your key


              Define a relationship:

              Main::NameSearch = RelatedTable::cNameKey


              Now go to your Main layout and add a portal to RelatedTable, listing the fields from Related Table that you want to see.


              Now in browse mode, enter some text and click a blank area of the screen and you'll see any records whose "Name" value starts with the same letters appearing in your portal.

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                   i am trying to serach the record from one  table not with related table.can you give any ide for that.
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                  Quoting from my previous post: "You can also do this with a single table and a self-join."


                  Where I've described a second table, Use Manage | Database | Relationships To create a second occurrence of your same table. Use this in the above technique for using a partial match filtered portal.


                  I'd also take a very close look at the auto-complete feature to see if you can't script something that works for you using that technique. If you can make that work, it's much simpler.