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Limit a value list by date?

Question asked by iwrc on Mar 22, 2011
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Limit a value list by date?


My database has two tables, People and Classes, that come together in a many-to-many relationship on a third table named "class registrations."

On a layout in my People table, I have a portal that shows related entries in the "class registrations," table.  On this portal, there is a pop-up menu that uses a value list that is drawn from the "Class" table. The pop-up displays all the records from the class table.

The problem is, now several classes have occurred and this pop-up menu is way too big!

Here is my question, is it possible to limit the pop-up value list to only show records from the class table with a date in the future or within the last three months? If I am able to change this, will it change the data from older classes? Is it possible to change this and then also have the capability of doing a search for classes older than three months?

Thanks for your help!!