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    Limit database size?



      Limit database size?


           Hi all,

           I'm building a series of demo systems I can give to a client (he already uses Filemaker) so he can evaluate what I've done. He wants several different systems and I want to build a Filemaker file then make an exe from it so can look and test functionality.

           I want to make it so he can only enter say 5 or so records.  That way it is useless as a work tool but perfect for evaluation.#

           Any ideas?



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               Make sure that you understand all of the limitations to a runtime to make sure that such a demo copy does not unintentionally disappoint your potential customers. They can't network and can't save to PDF to note two key limitations.

               Since creating a runtime requires FileMaker Pro Advanced, you can install a custom menu where the new record command performs a script of your design. It can either check a counter that it increments each time it is called and exit without creating a new record when the count reaches 5 or it can check the total number of records in the table and not create any new records if the count exceeds 5--not quite the same limitation, but maybe enough as a demo ware limitation.

               You can also set up startup scripts that check a date to provide a built in "time bomb" limitation.