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Limit Record Imports From Server to FM Pro/Go Clents

Question asked by Scott V on Aug 28, 2014
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Limit Record Imports From Server to FM Pro/Go Clents


     I'm looking to import records from four tables on a FM Server into FM Pro/Go clients. The four tables are quite large (>500K records each with one at 4M records).  I only want to bring over only those records that changed after the date of the last update on the client. I can get that date from each table on the client. Best case is, after isolating the target record sets on the server, I'll match records on a key field, update the fields that changed or add new records.

     I currently import the source records everyday from an Oracle server into my FM Server via an ODBC connection using a SQL statement and setting one of the limits as "LAST_UPDATE_DATE" > TRUNC(SYSDATE)-1. This works great - I have a set of tables in my FM server that match my Oracle server. It runs fine as it only processes those records that changed since yesterday.

     However, I don't see a path to a way to "limit" the import from the Server to the client via this method. When I create a script to import records from the server, there's no (obvious) way to tell my FM client to only import those records from the server that have a "LAST_UPDATE_DATE" > "Latest_Sync_Date".

     Note: I don't want to setup the ODBC client on the FM Pro/Go clients and skip the middle-man of the FM Server plus, I'm not sure that will work with FM Go.