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    Limit search within layouts?



      Limit search within layouts?


      Hi all,


      I am using FMP 10 and have hit a wall. I would really like some assistance with the following problem.


      I have one table but different sorts of contacts, ie students, staff, business contacts.

      I have merged them all into the one table so that it's easy if a past student becomes a business contact (which in my organisation happens frequently). Therefore I can still view their information from when they were a student or can view current information. If I have them as separate tables I would end up with them entered in twice, which is what I want to avoid.


      However on certain layouts I only want to be able to view certain records. Ie, on the student detail layout, say I want to search for all Georgia's, instead of only bringing up the Georgia's that are or have been students it also brings up other business contacts named Georgia that have never been students. What can I do so these records are not found in this layout during a search?


      Thanks in advance.