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    Limit SubSummary Report to Top 10



      Limit SubSummary Report to Top 10


      Is there a way to limit the limit the scope of a Sub Summary report to show only the Top 10 values or rows in the report?

      I have a sub summary report that ranks the most commonly mentioned "Issues" mentioned in customer surveys. I would like to create a new report identical to the first but limiting the report to the Top 10 issues.


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          I will assume that you've figured out how to reorder the Sub summary groups to list the groups with the largest sub total first.

          If so, then a script could loop through the records in your found set starting with the first record, adding one to a counter each time a new value in the break field is encountered--marking the start of the next sub summary group. Exit the loop when the counter = 11, which leaves the first record of those you want to omit from your report as the current record.

          Then Omit Multiple Records can omit that record and all that follow from the found set to limit your report to the top ten summary groups.

          When I script such an "omit", I use Get ( FoundCount ) to specify the number of records to omit. This assures that I am always specifying a number greater than the number of records from the current record to the end of the found set and thus I am sure that they will all be omitted.

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            Very interesting. Thank you.

            You are referencing "Records" even though each row in the sub summary report a group of records.

            The attached screenshot shows a portion of the sub summary report that ranks the Issues assigned to Surveys. It is based on a Join table linking Surveys to Issues.

            The first (most common) Issue is "Complex" with 153 Surveys being tagged with "Complex". So, does the script treat each row as a record even though is really a calculated group of records?


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              Nope. Records are records. Even though your output groups records, your script has to loop through the records one at at time.