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    Limit total line count



      Limit total line count


      Is there anyway to limit total line count in a text field?


      Even if you limit the number of characters, it does not stop how many lines they have.  You could limit to 20 characters but still have 5 lines.


      How do you say:

      Limit to two lines of text , no matter how many characters and hard returns?




      I am using FilemakerPro 8 on a Mac 10.4.11

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          Yes, there is a way ( and better ways with highter version than your ).


          1) While in Layout Mode create a two rows field
          2) Look at the Info pannel and write down the field "height" ( Suppose that that number is 35 pixel )
          3) Give to that field an object name ( for example: 1 )
          4) Go in the field definition, tab Auto-Enter and check the "calculated value" with calc:


          $_height = GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( 1 ; "height" );
          $_height > 35 ; "" ;


          5) Uncheck the box: "Do not replace existing value for field ( if any )
          6) Under tab Validation check Validated by calculation and calc:


          $_height ≤ 35 & Let ( $_height = "" ; "" )


          7) If you want, write down your custm message.


          It's all.


          Now, if you enter MORE than two lines of text, exiting the field you'll have a validation error and the field will be empty.


          Note that I do not remember if your version have the $var and the Self function.