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    Limitations of FileMaker



      Limitations of FileMaker


      Although I agree that FileMaker is a great desktop database, it seems to have too many restrictions when you want to publish your database online.


      Displaying of records online should be easy and intuitive, should be WYSIWYG, however what you see on the desktop is not what you would get when it's published online. The lack of a vertical window scrollbar to browse thru entire records is a great disappointment.


      Could anyone tell me if there is any other programming language or software (sorry I'm not too familiar with the net lingo) I could use to publish a database more efficiently?

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          Hi Guava


          Sorry in the delay in getting back to you about the other two posts I replied to, on my list of posts to respond to.


          As I mention before there is a 25 or 50 row limit in IWP depending on wether you are in list view or table view, but you want more than that you can get around this with a portal.


          If you want to show all records you just need to create a Cartesian join, from one instance of your table to another, a Self join.


          If you want a specific found set this is a bit more work but doable with a global MultiKey field instead in your self join.


          To go down the MultiKey route, to start you want to create a field called MultiKey_Listing in this case and make it a global and then in teh relationship graph duplicate the table you are working with and call it SJ_YourTableName and link then together


          YourTableName   --  =  --    SJ_YourTableName

          MultiKey_Listing                 UniqueID


          Now palace a portal on the layout based on SJ_YourTableName and set it up as you would like it to display.


          Now is the tricky bit.


          You need to create a script to populate the MultiKey with a list of ID's for the records you want to display, either a specified search or user search, or both. But the script should look something like this:


          Enter Find Mode [ ]
          Perform Find [ ]
          If [ Get ( FoundCount ) > 0 ] 
          # Generate MultiKey
          Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ]

          Set Variable [ $mKey ; $mKey & "¶" & YourTableName::UniqueID ] 
          Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next ; Exit after last ] 

          End Loop
          Set Field [ YourTableName::MultiKey_Listing ; $mKey ] 

          End If

          Go to Layout [ List Layout (YourTableName) ] 

          And that should do the trick, you would want to modify it to suite your application, you can run the whole process from a separate table the global MultiKey and portal does not have to be the same table the data is in.


          Also the portal may look a bit strange in IWP, just needs a bit of customising to get it to look how you require.


          I hope this helps. 

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            Hi Orlando,


            please dun apologise. You have been most helpful in solving problems that I face with FileMaker.


            I will try out your script on Monday. I am snowed under at the moment.