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limitations of IWP

Question asked by ThomasWaldron on Apr 26, 2011
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limitations of IWP


Hello again. 

I'm looking into different options for upgrading our database. Right now we're running on Filemaker Pro 8.5 and it doesn't work as smoothly with our Mac OSX 10.6, and has never been fully utilized. Ideally we would like to have multiple people in the office able to work with the database simultaneously (I know the limitations and ways of doing this). I'm interested in knowing whether publishing the database to the web will be sufficient for what we need to do with it. 

We are looking at upgrading to Pro 11 or to another database/tracking program altogether. My question is regarding the IWP available on Filemaker Pro 11. I know IWP has certain limitations, but I'm having trouble tracking down exactly what those limitations are. In browsing through help and these forums I'm still not entirely clear on specifics. Is there a list somewhere of exactly what the limitations and differences are between IWP and full access to a database? 

I know that you can add, edit, duplicate, and delete records from a database.

I believe you can download and view items from containers (if they're stored in the database itself), but I think you can't *add* an item to an empty container, is this correct?

I know some scripts don't work, but others do if they are web compatible. How can you tell (without getting in there and trying it) if a script is going to be web compatible? Is there some list or guide of what would and wouldn't work? 

I believe you can't export records or reports into excel. Is this correct? Is there anything else you *can* export? 

Thank you in advance for any information you can give me.