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    limited access for users



      limited access for users


      Hi again,

      i am setting up usernames and p/words for staff at different locations and wanted to limit their data entry and views to only records from their location (otherwise they all get too competitive) . Each location has been given a number (1-4) which is a field in the database and it had been suggested that I include  their site number as part of their username and then put a formula in somewhere so that they can only access records that include that number.

      Not sure how to do this though - is it under privilege sets within security or somewhere else?

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          In filemaker help, look up:  "Editing record access privileges" and read the section on "Entering a formula for limiting access on a record-by-record basis"

          This should spell out the nuts and bolts for you.

          In your case, you can include the location as part of the username or set up a table of usernames where a field in that table identifies the location of each user--more flexible if people change locations in the future.