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    Limited by portal length



      Limited by portal length


           Hello everyone,

           I'm developing an app that relies heavily on relations so I have portals. Sometimes I have more fields to show than space to display them. I know portals are limited to one line length but stiil I'm in need to surpass this in any possible way.

           I wonder if someone here has or knows a solution for this problem.

           Thanks a lot in advance.

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               You are not limited to the defaut "mini table view" format for a portal.

               Enter Layout mode.

               Double click the portal (not a field in the portal) to open portal setup.

               Change the number of rows to 1.

               Click OK to close the dialog.

               Now drag a resize handle on the portal down to make the row taller. add fields, move and resize them as needed--this can result in what funcitons much like a "mni-form view" portal if you want. Once you have your portal row set up like you want, you can return to portal setup and specify a larger number of portal rows if there is room on your layout for them.

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                 You can adjust the height of the portal rows to fit additional fields in a "stacked" configuration. I have done this in one of my solutions, shown below. The disadvantage is loss of the column/row look, if that's an issu. 

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                   Thanks a lot guys! It was a big help.