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Limiting access to specific records...

Question asked by jda76 on Apr 6, 2009
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Limiting access to specific records...




We have an existing db of art specs for a multitude of projects.  Users can search for the project title they want and browse through the specs for that project.  Nothing fancy.  Once the user has gone to their chosen project, there is a search button that allows them to perform a find, but within whatever project they happen to be on.  If they want to go to a different project, they have to go back to the 'home' layout and choose a different project from there.  And this is accessed via IWP.


We would now like to provide access to this file to freelance users.  We don't want them to be able to view all projects - only the project(s) they are assigned to.


I don't seem to see anyway to limit access to specific records based on privilege sets.... am I missing something?


I created a new table called "Freelance Users", which lists the assigned freelancer's account name and the projects they can have access to.

I have thought of setting up a value list on the 'home' screen that will only display the titles assigned to that user, as well as limiting layout access and controls using privilege sets and custom menus... but I just don't feel this is as secure as I'd like it to be.


If anyone has suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!