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    Limiting find results



      Limiting find results


      I'm working on a DB for dealing with hacking attacks from my router's log file.

      Got the import aspect working peachy along with tracing the location.

      But here's what I can't wrap my head around.  I'll get a bunch of attacks from the same IP, but when I do a search I only want to show one record for that IP  (so I can trace where its coming from)  I'd think its easy, but just have a mental block on it.

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          Here's one simple way to get one row for each different value in the IP address field:

          Set up a list view layout.

          In layout mode, double click the body part label to bring up the part set up dialog.

          Change the body into a sub summary part, "when sorted by" your IP address field.

          Put the fields you want to see in this sub summary part.

          Now, enter browse mode, perform a find or other action to pull up the records you want in your report and sort them by the IP address field. (this layout will be blank until you sort them by IP Address.)

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            Thanks Phil,

            You are a Godsend to this forum.  You have helped me in the past (and sure to in future) And I'm sure a whole slew of others.

            Thanks for the 'double click on body' thingy, I never knew that was there.  More things to play with. :)


            It worked like a charm.