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Limiting Records in Related Table

Question asked by mgxdigital on Feb 29, 2012
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Limiting Records in Related Table




I'm wondering if it's possible to show only records related by a checkbox in a related layout.

For instance, i have a products database and an order database. I'm wanting to put a products layout in the orders database but am only wanting to show items that we want to sell currently. Those items are marked with a checkbox in the products database that our marketing team keeps up to date. I really dont want a portal for hte layout in the orders system.

Right now, all of hte products pull over and i have a constrain script to limit the records to only current items. This just isn't working for us since it always resets itself everytime you go into the layout and it's making it tough to work between more than one layout.


If there a way that i can reltate them so that only the current items pull over to the orders?