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Limiting user access

Question asked by JenniDonohoe_1 on Aug 6, 2014
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Limiting user access



     We currently use FMP12 and are looking to upgrade to FM Server 13.  I'm a bit of a FM luddite so please bear with me.

     As we are expanding overseas I want to create accounts for our o/s reps to use to access files for their country only.  Our database includes Contacts, Invoices, Purchase Orders and Inventory.

     I've figured out how to limit user access to records by country via the Privileges, but it's quite clunky as it still shows all the records, just with NO ACCESS across the fields of those not for that country.  Not very user friendly - I thought it might do a "Find" and group the records.  Also, it doesn't work well in terms of creating invoices from these records - my database has frozen (of course, i am using a copy to do testing on).

     Any ideas or help to be offered?

     Will this be easier on FM Server?

     Thanks in advance,