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    Limiting User Data Access



      Limiting User Data Access


      I have a database into which multiple users will enter data. The data is collected for use by an accountant, however each user should not have access to the entire DB. How do I limit user access to the DB allowing each user to access only the data in reference to their username or ID?



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          Howdy gsainc,

          Thanks for the question.


          You'll find it under File - Define - Acounts & Privileges


          Each account can be set to custom settings for records and layouts.  The settings for whether or not records can be seen or edited can be a calculation like $IDFeild=Get(AccountName).  The same is true field by field within tables.  Look around in the Accounts & Privileges section and you'll find lots of useful lockout stuff.


          The Help menus actually walk you through the specific scenario you ask about.  Check them out.

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            Thanks - I used your answer to limit acces to user data.


            Now I would like to display only the data within a particular record or field. For example show items that occur only on one particular day. I know this is easily done via find. The trick I am looking for is to automate this at login... 

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              I'm gonna give you two answers 'cause I'm not sure what you really want:


              1. If you want to SEE only particular data on startup but have ACCESS to more, you'll want to use a script that runs on startup {File - File Options dropdown menu} and have the script do finds for you.


              2. If you want to only allow ACCESS to things that happen on that particular day, it would again be in the privelege sets...for Layouts, choose custom priveleges and choose "view" or "Modify" records as appropriate.  Then for Records, choose custom and you'll have ton's of nit-picky controls of what people can see and/or change.  These ACCESS priveleges can also be linked to calculations like Get(CurrentDate).


              3. I never can spell 'privileges' right and am tired of going back to edit my misspells.