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Limiting values in a value list

Question asked by john.s on Jan 2, 2014
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Limiting values in a value list


     I have a customer table with four customer types; 1=person, 2=corporation, 3=school, 4=league

     when I create a new job I want to look up only certain types of customers…for example if I create a portrait I want a value list that only contains customers with a value of 1 (person).  I've created three a calculated number fields in the customer table to attempt to do a self join field _sj_person value = 1,   _sj_corporation value = 2,  _sj_league value = 4  (schools are not a problem because I have a detail record for each school that I use for all school jobs)  I then created 3 table occurrences for the customer table and joined each using the _sj filed as the primary key to the customer type key in the customer table.  I then created a value list based on the joined table.  I either get all the customer records or nothing depending what I've tried.  I think I have over complicated this and now have a mess. I've tried every type of value list I can think of…this should be simple and probably is.

     The tables in gray are "real tables" and colored tables are occurrences.

     All help is greatly appreciated.