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Limiting Views In Various Tables Using the Same Field

Question asked by kingsley47 on Oct 27, 2010
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Limiting Views In Various Tables Using the Same Field


Basically, I have a number of different layouts that are each to show the chemistry of a particular piece of metal based on material type. Each layout is for a different material type and in each table could be hundreds of samples. Alot of these layouts share the same fields. A field for element names, el_1 el_2 etc... fields for weight percentages el__wt%, el_2_wt% etc..., a field for heat number (identification number for that piece of metal) and a field for material type. I want each layout to only show a particular material type. As it stands right now, whatever view I'm in, I can see every single single sample from any material type. I have tried a simple if, else script that basically looks like this....


matl_type=(heat chemistry_matl_type_1)

go to layout (matl_type_view_1)

Else If......

end if

But this doesn't seem to do anything. Could someone please help me? I may be going about this the completely wrong way.