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    Limits of Tooltip feature?



      Limits of Tooltip feature?


      Promise: I've looked... but can't find the answer. Is there a definitive Knowledgebase article that summarizes the abilities and limitations of the ToolTip feature in FMPA?


      The basic answer I need is: what is the max length/# of characters in a tooltip that will display when using IWP? That leads me to wonder other things like: is formatting possible? HTML tags? container contents? 


      Let me add my vote that tooltips should appear as long as a mouse hovers over a certain tooltip-enabled object. Or, even better, allow that duration to be user-specified.



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          Thank you for your post.


          No, there is no "definitive" Knowledge Base article that summarizes the limitations of the Tooltip feature.


          No information is provided regarding the length of a tooltip, but I just created a tooltip with 549 characters, and it displays fine in both FileMaker Pro and Instant Web Publishing.  I doubt you would need more characters, but then again, users never cease to surprise me.


          No formatting is possible.


          Please enter the product suggestion for the time duration on a tooltip at:




          Although I could easily copy your suggestion and paste it into this form, there are additional questions asked that only you can answer.


          When entering the suggestion, please be a little more descriptive.  Explain what you are trying to do, how the time limit affects you and/or your clients, how you would like to see it implemented, etc.  Providing a real-life example seems to get more attention than those that say "Please add this feature".



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            Groovy, thanks for the scoop.


            In some limited testing with tooltips via IWP, I find that different browsers/OS's handle tooltips differently: to avoid more self-testing, I was hoping to take advantage of someone else's methodical effort.


            All I know so far: IE7 on Vista will show the first 500 or so characters, Safari on Mac will show much more content, similar to what is seen directly in the FMPA client.


            Will post details in the feature request: thanks for the link. But for the benefit of shared knowledge, my solution is deployed in a travel company exclusively as a web app, so implementation in IWP is what matters to me most. Two modules of my solution would benefit from better Tooltip implementation: a client feedback survey and an internal database of trip reports.


            To keep my UI clean, I use scrolling portals with just a few key columns/fields to display long lists (i.e. >25) of records. My desire is to use tooltips to reveal additional data about each related record/portal row rather than adding more columns to the portal. Example: trip report database. Portal columns are staff name, trip date, destination, and trip cost. Hovering over each row reveals an introductory paragraph from that staff person's trip report- a datapoint that wouldn't really work as a column in a portal. Seeing this info via tooltip provides the user the info they need without requiring any clicks or return navigation.


            In some initial testing, users were surprised and a little frustrated to hover over a portal row, start reading the tooltip content, only to have it suddenly/spontaneously disappear while they were reading.


            My preference would be for tooltips to linger as long as the mouse hovers; I can't see a need for a cutoff time (such as the current 5-ish seconds) but offering a user-specified cutoff time would certainly be versatile.


            In the nice-to-have category would be the ability to have formatted text (i.e. bold) in the tooltip. In the supercool but getting carried away category would be the ability to embed images from a container in the tooltip (in my trip report example, the tooltip could pop up with a photo from the trip as well as the executive summary). I think we've all been spoiled by the ajax bliss in Gmail and elsewhere: As a part-time developer without time or inclination to learn PHP or ruby or other coding languages, I'd love to give my clients a taste of that UI bliss without departing the oh-so-convenient FMP development environment.