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Line chart taming

Question asked by WesleySantiago on Jul 14, 2013


Line chart taming


     I'm tracking my average weight via a filemaker database in one field. Two other field serve to calculate a 3-day moving average and an 5-day moving average.

     I'd like to see the interaction with these three lines. However, my MA3 and MA5 fields generate their results by grabbing previous records.

     MA3 (example:)

     Avg Day Weight
     + GetNthRecord (Avg Day Weight ;(Get ( RecordNumber)  -1) )
     + GetNthRecord (Avg Day Weight  ;(Get ( RecordNumber)  -2) )

     This makes viewing intersecting lines difficult. MA3 and MA5 need 3 and 5 records, respectively. When I search for a "narrow" date range, like the last 6-14 days, I get a 0 value that skews the entire graph.

     How can I force a Y-axis range of ~15 pounds/units instead of letting FM auto-adjust the graph rendering an almost flat line instead?