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    Line Graph



      Line Graph


      Hello Again,


      I need some assistance making a Line graph.

      I have three fields:

      1. Date Received

      2. Number Received

      3. Company


      I am trying to set up a line graph that will have "Date Received" on the X axis, and a count of the "number received" with a separate line for each "company" on the y axis.

      I have been able to set up a graph that can show the "date received" on the x axis and "number received" on the y axis, but this is not separated by Company.

      Let me know if this is not clear. Thanks for your help!




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          You've hit a limitation to the current implementation of FileMaker Charts.

          To get a separate line for each company, you must chart a separate field for each--not what we normally want for our table structure here.

          You may be able to get this to work for you if you set up a special table just for charting where you can pull data via relationship from each company into a different field, with one record for each date in this special purpose table.