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    Line Graphs



      Line Graphs


      (I'm using FM Pro 11 on a Mac OS Snow Leopard)


      Is there any way in a line graph to set different thicknesses or patterns to each data line??  I ask because I'm generating a reports that will be printed in black and white or photocopied / faxed and the coloured lines look alike.  It would be nice to have one dots, one dashes, one solid etc....


      Alternatively, is there a way to automatically insert labels on each line?? 



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          Thanks for your post.


          Currently neither of these funtions is available in the Line chart. This would be a great feature to include in future versions. I strongly recommend going to the link I listed below and posting your suggestions for both features and the reasoning for them. This will help our developers identify the real world use which helps give them a full scope of the need for these functions.





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