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Line Item Duplication or Template Selection for Line Items

Question asked by BERGSTEN on Mar 18, 2011
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Line Item Duplication or Template Selection for Line Items


Hi there,

I know similar questions have been asked about duplicating line items for invoices. I know that there isn't a clear cut solution to making it work in FMP... Nonetheless, I have to ask because not being able to duplicate the line items in the invoice is really becoming a problem here.

Is there a way that I can write a script to duplicate items in the lineitems table and input them into a new invoice's portal?For example, we have a lot of reoccuring rentals that are large scale with hundreds of line items. (Qty, item#, Description, price, ext price). We've had to copy and paste the line items from one record to another to duplicate invoices. Doing this every time is a huge waste of time...(even though I have a script to duplicate the non-portal elements of the invoices).

Another alternative: Is there a way that I can save a set of line items as a template and insert them into the body of a portal when selected? For example: The Ops Mgr enters a rental with 100 line items and saves it as "Rental A," which I can then select on a new invoice and it copies the line items from "Rental A" and pastes them into the portal on the new invoice where they are then editable for any small changes.

Thank you! You've all helped me so much so far with this whole project and I greatly appreciate it!