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    Line Item Entry



      Line Item Entry




      I am creating a return authorization form where the product returned is to be entered as line items (Qty, Description, Price), pretty basic. The idea is that after line #1 is entered, a new line forms under it in case there are multiple line items.


      An example I saw of this was the expense report template that ships with FileMaker, but it used relational tables and a portal. What I'm doing is very simple, so now I'm stuck. Do I have to have realted tables to do this?




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          Howdy tangent,


          If there are sometimes more than one line item per return, then a related table called "ReturnLineItems" seems to be in order.  While there are certainly other ways to do it, a related table and a portal fit exactly what you're trying to do.


          Check out the expense report template and the construction of the relationship and portal...it's not very complex (seems that way the first time you build one, then you'll realize how easy it is).


          For your relationship, autoenter a serial number for your ReturnID field in the Returns table,

          Create a ReturnLineItems table with ReturnID, Qty, Description, Price fields

          Drag a relationship between Returns::ReturnID and ReturnLineItems::ReturnID

          allow creation of records in ReturnLineItems via the relationship, (double click the relationship box)

          drop a portal on your layout-based-on-Returns

          Put Qty, Description, Price in the portal

          Play around with it and see what you've done!

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            I never would have guessed to do that. Even after looking at the expense example I never would have gleaned that out of it. This part was almost a deal-killer in using FM as the tool for my client. Thank you very much!

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              Howdy tangent,


              Glad the deal didn't die.


              FMP can usually do anything you want...it's just a matter of (1) learning "how?" and (2) finding the most efficient way.  It's a very maleable tool.


              Glad things are working for you.