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    Line Item Number



      Line Item Number


      Whats the easiest wat to add line item numbers to portal rows whose value can be accessed from other layouts? I've read about the @@ but dont understand how to implement it. Also it doesnt have to be on the portal row i guess. It could be a regular field that auto incremets with every item, but will obviously need to reset itself when needed.Thanks.

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          How will you use this number? It sounds like @@ will do the trick if you are using FileMaker 11. (It's a different symbol in v12.)

          Here's how you'd add it to your portal row.

          Enter layout mode.

          Resize the portal row, resize fields in the row, drag them to make room in the row for this text.

          Click the text tool (T) then click the spot on the portal row where you want this number to open a text box for entering layout text.

          You can type in @@ or you can select "Page Number Symbol" from the Insert menu.

          Return to browse mode and you should see that your portal rows are numbered.

          As long as you keep the order of the records the same on your other layouts, the same record number symbol can be used to number them.

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            Thanks for the fast reply. Yes i am using filemaker 12 and would need to know the new symbol. The value that is displayed , can i use that value in other ways, sorting for example or is it just like a piece of ghost data. 

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              For FileMaker 12, follow the steps I specified for using the Insert Menu and it'll insert the correct symbols for record number.

              What I describe is "ghost data". It simply reports the order of the records in the portal or, if used in a list view layout such as you might have for printing the invoice, the order of the records in your found set.

              Thus, you can't sort on this value, but the value displayed reflects your current sort order, so you may be able to sort on a different field in order to get a consistent order, but use this symbol to get a perfect numbering sequence starting from 1 for each order.