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    Line items



      Line items


       Hello all,


      Have a product database each product has a   " sale category "  ( 6) diffrente

      in the line items when i am selling product the sale category shows sometimes there is only one and somethimes more categorys

      Afther i am done creating the invoices (with line items) off that day i want to be able to see those 6 catgorys with the totals off sale (valuta)

      Can somebody give me some tips about creathing this from nothing ?







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          If all your line items records containe a field that identifies the sale category, you can set up a list view layout based on your line items layout and use sub summary parts to compute the category sub totals. You probably already have a summary field that computes the total of your line item amounts. This is the field you can place in your sub summary part to get a sub total.

          You set up your sub summary part with the category field as it's "break" or "when sorted by" field and then you must sort your line items records by this category field to see the sub totals.

          On this layout, you can include the body layout part to list the individual line items sales, or you can remove this part if all you want to see is the total for each line item amount.

          Here is a tutorial on summary reports that does produces both of these type reports: Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial

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             Thanks again Phil . will check it out