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Line Items Report

Question asked by captainllama on Mar 18, 2015
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Line Items Report


Hello all, thanks for reading. I am using FileMaker 11.0.3 with the Business Productivity Solutions version 7 (for this query bps_Sales_Orders.fp7, bps_Inventory.fp7, bps_Contacts.fp7).

Included with bps is a report generating "Sales Numbers" which gives the sales value total in £ per week, month, quarter, or year. However, I want to generate a report showing total inventory items sold. I have an inventory of 170 different items and need to generate a report that shows, for example:

October 2013:

Part Number           Item                         Quantity Sold
1172-2                      Rock Teeth               1422
1172                         Wood Teeth              342
1101                         Tooth Bolts               205
12m                          Chip Guard              17
44005                       Drive Belts               38
etc etc

While the "Sales Numbers" report just takes a single figure from each Sales Order, this "Line Items Totals" report needs to take one or many Line Items from the portal in each Sales Order.

My skill with FileMaker is such that I have adapted the bps to more or less suit my needs but not much more than that. By searching for a solution it seems that maybe there is a report wizard to ease the process.

It would also be helpful if the same could be done by customer, ie a report showing: Customer X, Year Y, bought 17 Widgets, 130 Thingummies, 2 Whatsits etc etc.

I'm frustrated that this must be a fairly common need yet neither my own efforts nor searching has born fruit. Please help!
Many thanks