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    Linear Responsibility Chart



      Linear Responsibility Chart


           Is there any way to make a Linear Responsibility Chart?  This is were task are across the top, people listed down the side (or vice versa) and then it shows who is assigned to what task (in chart format not just a list)


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               However, you might want to change your chart to meet FMP ease of reports, rather that spending time forcing FMP to duplicate your format.

               For example you have a subheading inserted in your list of tasks, which is not a  Task.  Think about using colors to separate sub heading or put a legend at bottom of chart.

               In Doc and Manage sub section, you have a date but not in the others sub sections, is that best? Perhaps the dates, when appropriate should be columized.

               Check out FMP "List reports"


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                 The image was just an example.  I am not at all invested in the design.  I need only headings and then tasks, no subheadings.  I will check out "List report"

                 Thanks - Amber 

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                   Such "cross tab" type reports ARE possible in Filemaker especially in versions 11 and 12, but as Jim has said, this takes a lot more work to set up than a summary report with sub heads.