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    Lineitem show more than 1 active record



      Lineitem show more than 1 active record




           I need some assistance to understand the layout to make the printout of an invoice, I create a layout in a list view mode as the filemaker expert suggest and work fine, now the problem that im facing is that the order number doesn't match the order number from the parent table. this is the relationship Orders ORDER--->Lineitems<----Products, so the problem is when I try to print the invoice is printing all the existing record for the cakes and not the actives only if someone can help with this I will appreciate.


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               Do you see the correct line item records in your invoice or do you see line items from other orders when you try to print your invoice?

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                 Is it possible to upload the file, taking out any confidential information?  Or can we see some screenshots of the report in layout mode? 

                 I think you're going to need to provide some more info to get some help. 

                 -From which table occurrence are you printing the invoice?

                 -Is your invoice a report layout, based on a subsummary part,  that needs to be sorted?

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                   First where can i upload the file so you can take a look and help me



                   i see the correct lineitems records but for example

                   the records in the lineitems is link to the OrdersPK from the orders layout and the field from the lineitems is ordersfk


                   ordersfk record number is 1000 and shows all the records from the orders layout from 1000,1001,1002,etc in the lineitems layout

                   i follow al the step and examples from other templates and ddont know the issue, i dont know why the lineitems layout dont show only active records

                   and i dont know if you remember that the cakes can have multiple flavors, fillings and icings and i follow your advice, i create i layot with

                   Product Id--- Serial number

                   Product name ---name of product

                   cake flavor is a drop down list

                   filling is a drop down list

                   icing is a drop down list

                   color is blank

                   design is blank

                   price is input with the cake product id

                   serving  input with the cake product id

                   i dont knowis is because i create a dropdown list for these fields under the portal, because every time that i create a new order and select a product that was already use for other order, it bring all the previous information for the cake or prodcut id

                   example is Pid 1001 product name is 6" round flavor white filling chocolate icing butter cream color black design swirls

                   the next time that i select this product all this info show up, and i can modified but dont know if this is correct





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                     here is the file

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                       To share a file through the forum, upload it to a site such as Drop Box and then post the down load link to the file here.

                       The Print layout will only show the correct line items records if you set up the system to do so. Either a script performs a find for all records with the specified order number or it uses Go to Related records to pull up a found set of just those line item records.

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                         here is the link phil sorry for the trouble and thanks for been very nice and patience

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                           Take a look at this, to see if I'm on the right track.


                           There were some changes to the portal, it would not allow you to create new records.

                           Also, I made a second print layout, but used a portal for lineitems.  You'll find when you look at it in preview mode it looks better.  You can change that to a virtual list if you use the DB on an iPad.

                           There are a whole bunch of other problems you will have to address.  For one, I don't quite understand the portal in orders.  It seems like everything below the portal needs to be different for each cake.  So if a customer orders 5 cakes, where do you specify all the particulars about each cake. 

                           I think each cake should be it's own order, removing the need for a portal, and an invoice can be one or more orders for a customer.  This can be done with a picker window of orders related to each customer.

                           You could put a portal on customers, showing the orders.  Then create an invoice from there.

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                             Phil the moderator advice that the best was to use a portal to create orders, and let me explain you alittle bit more probably, you can direct me as well

                             usually people order 1 or 2 cake a year as we only dedicate to sell wedding cakes and birthday cakes not daily cakes to go, so a person can only order 1 cake but a cake can have as many 1 to 8 tiers and 1 to 8 flavor,fillings, design, colors that why I was trying to use a portal as Philmodjunk advice that was the best in the beginning I made individual fields for eachone of the tiers but philmodjunk told me that it would not be able to print. so now

                             that the idea for the cakes and below the cakes are extra stuff that is optional or not to the customer.

                             can you help me to fix this and or explain the other option that you mention about creating individual orders or some like that


                             last thing why the printout layoutof the lineitems was showing all the previous records do you know



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                               Your database really need some redesign. Don't worry, it's part of the process.  First thing is you're not creating a related record when you create an order.  Just putting the customers name on there order doesn't make it related.  You have to put customers pk onto orders fk.  This can be scripted, but this is probably why Phil suggested a portal in customers to create orders.  

                               I can play around with it a little more this afternoon.   You may need another field or table named events(possibly invoice) where all the cakes for one job can be categorized together. After that is solved, invoicing becomes a simple report.

                               in the meantime, search this site for cakes, or bakery.   I seem to recall some creating a DB for this. They even had the ability to create ingredient orders.  Sometimes people are happy to share.

                               The DB I created for my business was completely redone 3 times in the first few months as I learned FikeMaker.  And I've been tweaking it for the last few years. 

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                                 I didn't recommend adding a portal to customers to use to create orders. I may have suggested using a portal to orders from Customers to create an order, but the reverse makes no sense.

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                                   PS, the "Mod" in my forum name does not mean "moderator". I am not technically the moderator of this forum. ModMan is. I am the "community leader".

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                                     Phil im sorry i didnt mean to offend you, i was in the impression that you were from the filemaker company as i see all your posting, with good information and knowledge please accept my apologize. and the only thing that i was trying to do is get this program to work


                                     can you give a look to the database and let me know whats wrong, steve mention that i was not able to create orders, but when i go and click the new record in the orders layout it bring a new serial number, but in the print layout from lineitems is not getting the same number, now steve did a change and seems to work, but i still dont understand very well, why the databse is not working very good i been following all the advise and watching those videos from Lynda.com + the book and everything is like the examples databases.

                                     what i need is to be able to take orders in the IPAD and print/email invoices to the customers (fisrt i need to make the database to work and later i will deal with the scripts), like i mention i main business is wedding cake, so customers usually only order maybe 2 3 times a year


                                     here i have attach the list of the products that we have and is the cake size the main product the filling flavors color and design can vary in many different type


                                     i hope that you can direct me


                                     PHIL, Steve



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                                       sorry the attachment when back


                                       he re it is


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                                         I'm not the least offended. I volunteer my time here and receive no monetary compensation from FileMaker for doing so. I just don't want anyone making the wrong conclusions about who I am or what level of authority I might have in this forum. I don't kick people out for violating terms of service by posting spam here, that's modman's job. I just let him know if I see such an example.

                                         Unfortunately, I have a lot on my plate right now, got a whole new tutorial database that will be the first of many if all goes well in the "final stages" of production, so I don't really have the time to jump in here.

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