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    Link a database user with a particular set of data? (newbie)



      Link a database user with a particular set of data? (newbie)


      Hi, I'm fairly new to FileMaker so sorry if this is a really obvious question. (I don't know what terms to search for)
      I'm setting up a contact management database and a lot of the contacts in the database will also be using the database. I want to know how to link a database user with a particular set of data in the database. 
      As far as I'm aware database users are only assigned an Account Name and a Password however I also want to keep track of their email address, phone numbers etc..
      If anyone can point me in the direction of something that explains this that would be fantastic! 

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          In scripts, you can use Get ( AccountName ) to get the current user's account name. You can set up a table where one field is the user's account name and other fields hold their contact information.

          If you use a field holding an account name to identify who "owns" a particular record, you can perform a find to pull up all records with that account name. You can script this and use File Options to run this script when the file is opened. You can define such an account name field to auto-enter the current user's account name when the record is created as a way to automatically link records to the person who created them.

          You can also use Manage | Security to restrict user's ability to view and/or edit records not marked with their account name. To learn more about this approach, see "Editing record access privileges" in filemaker help and pay particular attention to the section titled "Entering a formula for limiting access on a record-by-record basis".