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Link a field's text to a search on a web page

Question asked by AdamMcDonald on Aug 16, 2013
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Link a field's text to a search on a web page


     Hi guys

     I want to set a button to do the following:

     1. switch to a different layout

     2. open a web page on the new layout

     3. use the search function of the web page to search for information connected to the text entered in a field from the first layout

     4. display the search results

     1 and 2 I have sorted but i have been unable to make the web page search and display results.

     The web page is IMBD (Web based movie database) and the field in my database i need the search to use is the "title" of a movie. (My database is for tracking DVD and Bluray disks in a collection)

     I want to be able to select a record (movie) and click a button that opens a new layout with the IMBD page for this movie.

     Any ideas ?

     Thanks guys