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    Link a reference file.



      Link a reference file.


      Anyone have any good Ideas on linking reference files on a multiple computer system? We would like to open files direcly from FMP. We store our files on dropbox. I know how to set it up if there was one computer but using multiple computers with multiple file paths has through me for a loop. 

      I'd be interested in a plug-in as long as it does not cost too much.

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          Have all the computers map the same drive letter to the file source.  I makes no difference then whether they each open the file from their dropbox (as long as all are set to the same filepath), or the same shared network drive.

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            I dont know if they are all mapped to the same drive or not. Our system is small, currently we have a mac mini server and two laptops. FMP is on the Server and we can access it remotly. We use dropbox so when we are in the field without internet service, we can still access excel, word and pdf files on dropbox. This seams to work for us. If all the files were on the server we could not get them all the time. 

            I dont know if this will help or not but here is a file path of one file from my laptop:

            filemac:/Craig's Macintosh HD/Users/craigfiore/Dropbox/Celoseal Roofing/Celoseal Customers/Advanced Management/Evergreen/EvergreenGarageCost2010.xls

            another laptops file path may be:

            filemac:/Scott's Macintosh HD/Users/scott/Dropbox/Celoseal Roofing/Celoseal Customers/Advanced Management/Evergreen/EvergreenGarageCost2010.xls

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              Sorry, my opening sentence was ambiguous; I meant:
              "Have all the computers map the same drive letter to the file source."
              "Have all the computers mapped the same drive letter to the file source?"

              You can see that the last part of the filepath is the same:
              Dropbox/Celoseal Roofing/Celoseal Customers/Advanced Management/Evergreen/EvergreenGarageCost2010.xls

              It is only the first part that needs to be made to be the same (or valid for each user).

              'filemac:/Scott's Macintosh HD/Users/scott' and 'filemac:/Craig's Macintosh HD/Users/craigfiore' could be changed (as in: change where the files are stored centrally) to be the same path.

              In Windows terms (sorry) I would have the dropbox folder mapped as a drive letter, the same drive letter for each user.  Then the pathname would always be, for example:

              filemac:/Z/Celoseal Roofing/Celoseal Customers/Advanced Management/Evergreen/EvergreenGarageCost2010.xls no matter which user accessed the file.


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                Forgive me but I'm not an expert. Are you saying we can change each laptop to a specific drive name? For example, I would change "Craig's Macintosh HD" to "Z" and "Scott's Macintosh HD" to "Z"? This would work.


                Are you saying mount a drive from the server and call it "Z" and store our files there? This would not work because when we take our computer off site we would not have access to the files unless we had internet service.

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                  Don't try and change each laptop.

                  I'm suggesting that each user maps their Dropbox folder (the bit that is common to all pathnames) to be the 'Z' drive.  Then as Dropbox synchronises the files to each users' folder the image will be at the end of the same pathname for everyone.

                  Yes - make the server's Dropbox its 'Z'; drive too, so that it works on the server, too.

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                    I think I get it now. I know how to map a drive but I cant seem to map a folder. Do you know of any good links I could read on how to do this?

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                      Sorry - haven't enough recent experience of Mac to advise, but on Windows it doesn't matter what level of 'folder' you map (and a drive is just a Very Big Folder).  And if Windoze can do it, well...?

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                        Thank you for all your help. I found a solution inspired by your advice. What i did was, create a partition on each computers drive called "DB Dirve" and moved the drop box file on this drive. By doing this, it created the same file path to all dropbox on every computer. It works great.

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                          You could also use Get(temporary path) or something similar.

                          I handled a similar situation by forcing all of the inserted files to be copeid to a specific folder on the server then reinserted as reference (using an on object modify triggered script on the container field that does the export/reinssert).  Each user can then open the file as long as they have access to the server.