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    Link Fields to Each other



      Link Fields to Each other



      So I'm having a hard time figuring out how to link the description to my codes. On one layout I have people entering codes in which they do not need to see the description. They are entering them into a portal and are creating new records in another layout. I need to make a report but I want the descriptions to be in there. How do I get the description to automatically show up?

      My related fields are

      CostItems::Codes:EmployeeHours::Codes and CostItems::Description:EmployeeHours::Description

      Any help would be great!


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          forum bug ate my post again.

          Do you have a table where the code and description are stored together?


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            yes I do, I also noticed another problem.

            I import the codes and descriptions... however I also have an activity number (all are in one table) but the following is a possibility:

            Code             Description          Activity Number

            1                    Clean Up                      1

            1                     Tagging                       2

            2                     Install Unit                  1

            3                    StartUp Unit                  1

            So as you can see, one code can have multiple descriptions, its a combination of the code and activity number that dictate the description.

            The table that I am entering information into doesn't show all of those fields.

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              aammondd, feel free to send me a private message describing exactly what happened when the bug "ate" your post. I've been working with ModMan to get two such issues properly documented and reported to RightNow. There's a work around to prevent one of them.

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                In the realtionship tab of Manage Database you want to create a relationship between the code value in your data table and the code value in your codes table AND the activity value in your data table and the activity value in your code table (if you dont have those code activity combinations in that code table you wont get the description to display properly) You wont need to import a description this way you can simply display it as a related field.


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                  Yes I have that setup already, the description isn't coming along with it because I can't figure out how to get it to connect to the code and activity number.

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                    In the relationship tab of Manage database

                    Double click on the relationship between the two tables (if you havent set that up try dragging your code field from your data entry table onto the code tables code field then double click the relationship)

                    Once open Highlight the Activity field on the left side and the activity field on the right side and add a new line.