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    Link Graphic to another layout



      Link Graphic to another layout


      Well I can get the link to go to the layout.  The layout I am going to has a web viewer in it and I would like when clicking a graphic the layout opens(which it does) and then the web site for that graphic to load in the web viewer. I am new to this so please try to not assume I know the lingo.

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          Do you know the URL that goes with the graphic? (The text you'd enter in the top of a web browser if you were to use it to view the site.)

          Do you have this URL entered into a field?

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            Yes I do. I actually have other fields also that have different url's. I know all the addresses.


            layout 1 has these text labels and a graphic. I want each one to open a web page in layout 2(web site)

            Bill 1

            Bill 2

            bill 3


            the links go to the web sites that I have bills for.   In order for me to get my amount due entered into the amount due field on my layout 1.. I would love it if this could automatically be filled in with the amount due, but I have my doubts I can get that synced up with the billers database. Correct me if I am wrong.  So I need to make an extra step and go to the web site that I have a bill due at and login and then check that amount, and then enter it into layout 1 field called amount due.  Doing all this inside filemaker without jumping to a browser.

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              I can get you to the website, but querying the website and extracting data from it, while not impossible, requires the website being willing to expose the necessary API so that a Web Viewer in FileMaker could access the data via the appropriate URL expression. That's not a likely scenario for a bill paying site.

              Just to open the web site in your web browser is as simple as creating this script step:

              Open URL [YourTable::Bill 1]

              Where YourTable is the name of your layout's table and Bill 1 would be the text field where you have entered the URL for that web site. (You might want to have three records here instead of three "bill" fields. It's more flexible as you can just keep adding records to add more sites.)

              If you look up a Web Viewer in FileMaker help, you'll find examples of how to point a web viewer at the URL stored in a field and this would eliminate the need for using a your web browser. You could just have a layout with a Web Viewer and clicking the button can simply take you to that layout to view the data.

              Once you have the data visible, it is possible for a script or calculation to "scrape" data from that web site, but this is not a simple thing to set up and is subject to "breaking" if the web site's designers modify the design of the web page displaying the data.

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                How about this - what exactly are you trying to do? Because I have a feeling you are going around in circles to do something that only requires a small jump. (figuratively speaking of course)

                I mean what made you want to use Filemaker to access web pages, when you seem to be working with web pages to begin with? Just trying to find out EXACTLY what you are trying to do...

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                  I am trying to keep track of my bills.  I keep a record for every month. Monthly bills auto populate the new record and so does the date due.  Here is an example:

                  A new record puts in the bill and due date because they stay the same.  I have to enter in date paid, amount due, amount paid.  In order to find amount due I need to login to APS, for example, and find my amount due for January.  I would need to login to At&T and Visa Credit. I want to use the web viewer in my web site layout.  I would like to click on APS, At&T, or Visa Credit and have web site layout open with the web viewer opening the APS website login page or page of which ever bill I click. My Bills Column are text labels and not fields. I will then find amount due and return to Month Layout (January Record) and ad the amount due to my record.

                  Currently I have a script called goto APS.

                  go to layout ("web Site")

                  open url (no dialog; "http://www.aps.com")

                  And it goes to layout then opens url in safari instead of web viewer in web site layout.

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                    I'm with Phil on this one...are you wanting filemaker to grab the info from the billing web site automatically for you? Because if you are then Phil is correct. I guess Phil understands what you are asking, I still am not exactly sure what you need to do. If you have the web viewer and can already access the URL, what else did you need it to do?

                    As for your web viewer you will need to put the static URL in the viewer. Than all you do is basically go to the layout and the viewer does the rest, no need to script to open the URL.

                    You could also use a dropdown menu to choose which billing site to access when from your viewer...

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                      I only have one table. But many url's I need to get to.  I appreciate the help. No working with the billing companies to have my amount due field update automatically is probably a pipe dream. It should be able to be done and work nicely like that. But,.....   I like thew idea of a drop down menu to use for choosing the web site.I am not sure how I would go about doing this.  On my layout page that only has a web viewer I could put a drop down menu, and then how does it know what site to go to?  

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                        Each URL should be in a field of a different record. That way you can add more URL's just by adding more records. Then define a field separate from the URL field and format it as a drop down list that uses the "use values from field" option to list the URLs. Set your Web Viewer to refer to this field. When you select a URL in the drop down, that URL is copied to this field and the web viewer shows the site for that URL.