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Link one field to two tables

Question asked by ianmanning on Jan 9, 2015
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Link one field to two tables


I have an existing database with multiple tables. I now need to be able to have a relationship from one field that will get data from either of two tables.

Table 1 is a List of Promotional Events.

Table 2 is a link table to facilitate linking many events to many attendees

Table 3 holds details of one group of possible attendees  

Table 4 holds details of another group of possible attendees  

How can I have a portal on Table 1 showing the details of the Attendees from both Table 3 and 4?
If all possible Attendees were in one table it would be simple
Event table -----Link Table -----Attendee table
Portal on Event table layout showing details from Link table with fields from Attendee table.

I can give a much more detailed explanation if required but I hope this is sufficient to understand the problem.

Thanks for your help