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Link Portal to Portal (Like Folder Hierarchy)

Question asked by Amsinger on Sep 23, 2010
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Link Portal to Portal (Like Folder Hierarchy)



Using FMP 10 Advance. Mac vs.

So here is the deal. (I have attached a JPG to visually see what I am talking about)

I have a database where I have created a notes section. but we need it to be like a folder system where there is a main folder that holds a list of titles that are notes (1st image in JPG) which is not a portal, you click on the blue button next to a designated title of a note, and it takes you to a new layout that has 3 tabs (shown in image 2 of JPG). the 1st tab is a portal that is "sub-folder" section (image 2 of JPG) which contains a portal where you can list out more broken down folders of that main note. then next to each is a blue button where you can click and it takes you to the next tab (image 3 in JPG) which is a portal which is a "sub-sub-folder" that list out sub-sub note titles. Then in you can click the blue button next to the note title and it takes you to the 3rd tab that shows the note details (image 4 of JPG). I have gotten where I can go from the main list (image 1) -> to 1 portal (image 2)-> to the details of the notes (image 4). But I can't seem to get it to link correctly to go from Main List of Notes (image 1) -> to 1st portal of sub-notes (image 2) -> to 2nd portal of sub-sub-notes (image 3) -> to the note details (image 4). How do I create that relationship between the 2 portals to get it to go in the correct path. 

Any help is much appreciated!