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    link record to e-mail and send



      link record to e-mail and send


      Hello - 

      I have a report that I send on a weekly basis to the same group of email recipients.  How can I automate this process with a button on my layout that I could click when complete that would convert the layout to a .pdf and attach itself to the addressed email and send? 

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          Thank you for your post.


          ScriptMaker will allow you to create a script that will automate a set of tasks.  The script step that will be most important to you is the "Send Mail" script step.  You can specify all the fields plus attach a file.


          The simple script could be:



          Save Records As PDF [Restore; No dialog; "test.pdf"; Records being browsed]

          Send Mail [No dialog; To: <email addresses>...; Subject: <subject>;Message: <message>;"test.pdf" ]




          That is, you save the records to a PDF file, and then Send Mail attaching the PDF file.



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               Hi TSGal - I'm not able to try as the save as pdf script keeps crashing FMP [8.5].  If I go through the print dialogue box I can save as pdf, but not any other route. Any thoughts on this?
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              I apologize for the late reply.


              There has been a problem reported with saving as PDF, and this has been documented in our Knowledge Base (Article 6463).


              Here is the article:




              Saving records as a PDF using the script step or via the File menu option crashes FileMaker Pro on OS X.



              We have identified 3 possible workarounds to this issue:


              1. It is possible that your Adobe Acrobat Reader preference file is corrupted.  Remove the preference file for Adobe Acrobat Reader in the user library folder.  The following is an example of the location of the preference file:


              Users/[user profile]/Library/Preferences/Acrobat Reader 5 Prefs.plist


              2. It is possible that you may have a corrupt user account.  Creating a new user account may resolve the issue.


              3. Remove the AdobeFnt08.lst file.  This is located in the following directory:


              Home > Library > Application Support > Adobe > TypeSpt > AdobeFnt.lst



              FileMaker, Inc. is investigating other possible causes of this issue.




              A majority of cases have been #3 above, so I would try that first.


              Let me know if this helps.



              FileMaker, Inc.