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    link to record from inside field



      link to record from inside field


      user is making comments in field. refers to another record. is there a way to link to that record without forcing users to go search? see image...that is a claim number>>>would like to link to that claim without going and re-searching on the claim number.


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          It's theoretically possible. Take a look at the "Additional Resources" layout in "Adventures In FileMaking #1".

          On that layout, you have a large text field, (produced by a calculation field, which both formats it and also makes it read only on this layout), The underlined text entries contained within the field are URL's to different web resources and download links. If you click one, Open URL sends the underlined text that you clicked to your web browser and it opens the page.

          So you may be able to use this example in a script that extracts the clicked claim number and uses it to either perform a find or to set a match field to the value and use Go to Related Records to pull up the record with that claim.

          But it will take some scripting and calculation expertise to pull off. If you can find a way to put that claim number into a field for the user, a simple button and much simpler script can be used to pull up the desired record.

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            thank you philmod...excellent response and i think i can do exactly what you specify although this will have to be for a rainy day...not crucial at this point.