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Link to tables dependent on choice?

Question asked by weedonpaul on Jul 2, 2015
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Link to tables dependent on choice?


I don't know if the following is possible:

We currently run reports called "status tables" this is a list of projects that we are working on for our clients. these might be articles, events, press releases, awards, social media, etc. We have separate tables for all these things. at the moment if I want to add an event to a clients status table I would add it to the status table  and separately add it to the events table. the same with articles etc.

As I am rebuilding the database I would like to have a table called "status table " and a table for each of the others: Events, press releases etc, but I want them to link so that for example I would put a new entry into the status table and when I select events from the dropdown menu it then gives me a list of upcoming events to choose from or create a new event, but if I choose press release it gives me a list from current press releases or lets me create a new one.

but I want the information in the status table to show information from the relevant table. e.g. a details field that will get details from events record if it's an event, or get details from press releases if it's a press release. 

I haven't started building this part yet so would love some guidance/ideas